Featured Pin – Tardigrade Tough

We stumbled upon the first Tardigrade (Water Bear) enamel pin we have ever seen and what do you know, it’s got 5 variants! If you’re not familiar with this micro-animal we encourage you to take a few minutes and learn the water bear’s secret!

The Tardigrade Tough enamel pin is a soft enamel pin that comes in five different variants. All are 1.25″ in size. The variants are:

  • Original (Pink)
  • Aqua Glitter (Featured Here)
  • Black Glitter
  • Rainbow White
  • Rainbow Black

We thought this was a unique pin and really enjoy the lettering work with the message behind our favorite little creatures. We especially love the glitter treatment on the aqua variant which we are showing here. Currently going for $12.00 you can pick up a deal for $6.00 on the black glitter variant if you don’t mind it being seconds!

Be sure to check out Sharptooth Snail for a few other creature and animal enamel pins.

Tardigrade Tough Enamel Pin Tardigrade Tough

Featured Pin – Planet Love

While the official day may be coming to a close it’s never too late to tell someone how much you love them. That’s why we’re giving you a second chance to give the gift of planet love!

The Planet Love enamel pin is a simply designed 1.25″ hard enamel pin. It’s a brass plating and has just a single color pink enamel fill. We often say the simpler the better and this one is no exception. This pin manages to convey it’s message with a simple heart, planet ring and a few sparkly stars. It’s such a great pin with a perfect design and we think you should pick it up today from Free Radicals for $8.00.

Visit Free Radicals to find even more enamel pins and if you’re fast enough, you can still snag an extra 20% off your order by using coupon code “vday” before the day is out.

Planet Love Enamel Pin Planet Love

Featured Pin – Legend of Zelda Heart Container

It’s hard to believe that Breath of the Wild is almost a year old. We’re are STILL working our way through all there is to discover even year later and fully intend on making this stretch as long as possible. We were so pleased to hear from Little Shop of Pins who reached out to let us know of their amazingly beautiful Heart Container Zelda enamel pin that recently dropped just in time for Valentines Day.

This Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Heart Container pin is 3D molded Zinc with a red transparent enamel. It comes at 1.25″ in size and is backed with two red rubber clutches for security. This is an absolutely gorgeous pin for just $10.00 and it couldn’t have dropped at a better time just one week before Valentine’s Day. I don’t think think you’ll find a more fitting gift for the Zelda fan out there and this is a must for any Nintendo or Zelda collection. We’ve already placed our order, now it’s your turn! Hey, if we get enough of these moving maybe we can convince Little Shop of Pins to do a matching stamina vessel?

Be sure to visit Little Shop of Pins website for some other great enamel pins and be sure to give them a follow on their Instagram!

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Heart Container Enamel Pin Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Heart Container

Featured Pin – Turn It Up!

There’s nothing quite like the sound of a classic vinyl record. Yes, we know your digital playlist is impressive but nothing compares to the thrill of hunting down that flea market record find or having that record in hand when your internet connection goes bust.

The Turn It Up! enamel pin is the perfect pin for the musical or vinyl collector. It’s got everything you’d want in a music lapel pin. Beautiful design, great lettering. It comes 1″ in size so it’s not too large or too small. There are also multiple finishes to choose from like the vintage antique gold or antique silver plating available as a die cast. The standard soft enamel version comes with your choice or gold or silver plating. All versions come single posted and go for just $8.00.

Be sure to visit PSDesignCo’s Etsy shop for some other great pin designs.

Turn It Up Enamel Pin Turn It Up!

Featured Pin – Binocular Vision

This year we’re planning on spending a lot more time outdoors and you could say that we’ve had nature lapel pins on our radar. We came across this awesome outdoor enamel pin series from National Dry Goods and had to feature one of the awesome pins from the set!

The Binocular Vision hard enamel pin measures .9″. This is a brass plated pin and features three color fills (navy, salmon and white) and currently goes for just $10.00. We have reached out to confirm if this pin has single or dual posts and will update this post as soon as we hear back. As we mentioned earlier, this pin is one from a set of three outdoor themed with matching designs. The brass pin set is absolutely stunning and the full set goes for just $26.00.

Be sure to visit the National Dry Goods shop and check out their other awesome pin sets and designs.

Binocular Vision Enamel Pin Binocular Vision

Featured Pin – Derpy Shark

Did you know that sharks have been around for 400 million years? That pre-dates dinosaurs and trees! Did you know that sharks may have up to 3,000 teeth at a time and that they continuously grow multiple rows? Sharks can be scary but we love our sea creatures enamel pins and this is why we’re featuring a “not-so-scary” shark pin that we think will get a laugh.

Derpy Shark is a 1″ hard enamel pin from seller/maker Pocket Sushi. This pin has a silver plating with a simple three color enamel fill and is just single posted due to the size. Although not a limited edition there is just something about this artwork that captures the essence of a derpy shark and I gotta say, it was pulled off brilliantly. We think anyone who collects sharks, or sea creature pins would get a kick out of this pin and wouldn’t want to miss it. Derpy shark goes for just $10.00.

We’re stoked to add this awesome pin to the featured lapel pins page! Be sure to check out Pocket Sushi’s Etsy page for some other awesome enamel pins. We’ll continue to keep our hopes up and our eyes open for more “Derpy” designs in the coming year!

Derpy Shark Enamel Pin Derpy Shark

Featured Pin – Four Elf Food Groups

We’re just 5 days away from Christmas! To celebrate the love of Christmas movies this week we’re featuring this awesome pin creation inspired by one of our favorite Christmas movies, Elf.

“We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup.” The Four Elf Food Groups enamel pin is 1.1″, gold plated with a soft enamel. We absolutely love the design work and lettering. It’s also a limited run so don’t wait for too long. You can snag one for just $8.00 from Jenna Thompson Art’s Etsy shop.

New pins will continue to be added but this will be our last blog post until the holidays have passed. We’ll see you in 2018 and can’t wait to show you some of the exciting projects that are in the works!

Four Elf Food Groups Enamel Pin Four Elf Food Groups

Featured Pin – Han Solo Blaster

Isn’t it nice that every year we can look forward to a new Star Wars movie? We’re just a day away from Star Wars: The Last Jedi and we’re adding some extra Star Wars enamel pins around the site to set the mood. Speaking of, we ran across this awesome Han Solo blaster and liked it so much we had to feature it.

The Han Solo Blaster Enamel Pin is 1.75″ x1″ and features “Scoundrel” lettering across the top of Han’s iconic weapon. This is a hard enamel pin and comes in either silver or gold antique metal variants. It’s also double posted so it’s going to stay wherever you pin it. While we all have to wait another year to see a young Han Solo return on the screen it shouldn’t stop you from grabbing this stellar pin for just $10.00.

Be sure to visit MacGuffin Goods Etsy shop for some other amazing pins. We are loving MacGuffin’s Star Wars Mann’s Chinese Theater enamel pin.

Star Wars Han Solo Blaster Enamel Pin Han Solo Blaster

Featured Pin – Reuben from Anatomy Park

We’re looking for the best Santa enamel pins to add to your holiday lapel pin collection. This one comes from Season 1, Episode 3 of Rick and Morty “Anatomy Park” that aired December 16th, 2013. After all, it just wouldn’t be Christmas without some Rick and Morty to bring in the new year.

Reuben from Anatomy Park enamel pin is 2″ soft enamel pin with dual posts and black plating. The Reuben Ridley pin is a limited edition of 100 and goes for just $9.99 from Outlandy’s shop. The ultimate Rick and Morty fans will certainly appreciate this one and wear their Reuben proudly on the OUTSIDE.

Be sure to visit Outlandy’s shop for some other great pins. Don’t forget to follow Outlandy on Instagram for the latest enamel pin releases.

Reuben from Anatomy Park Enamel Pin Reuben from Anatomy Park

Featured Pin – Whale, Shit

We spent some time looking for a cool series of pins to feature and found the perfect combo. Say hello to West Park Creative, a letterpress and design studio from St. Louis. West Park Creative also happens to make some pretty amazing enamel pins which is what you’re here for, right? We’ve picked one of our favorites to feature but there are several from this shop you won’t want to miss.

The Whale, Shit soft enamel pin comes in at 1.5″. It features a silver plating with a white and deep teal enamel colors. You can pick this one up from West Park Creative’s store for just $10.00. We love this whale’s design and think you will too!

Be sure to visit West Park Creative’s Etsy shop for several other adorable lapel pins (Don’t miss the “Zero Fox Given” pin). West Park’s pins also come with some great letterpress backing cards making them a super unique gift (It is that time of year!).

Whale, Shit Enamel Pin Whale, Shit

Featured Pin – TV Dinner

We hope everyone will be spending some time with family/friends and eating lots of amazing food over the next few days. If you’re eating alone this year while quietly taking in some Netflix, that’s cool too. The featured pin this week comes from Lucky Horse Press and has you covered if you prefer to spend the night in front of the TV while avoiding the masses and the shopping madness.

The TV Dinner enamel pin never fails to get a laugh. I’ve shown and sent this one to so many people and it’s always a crowd pleaser. TV Dinner is a soft enamel pin. It’s 1.25″ with a silver plating. This pin has one of the most creative uses of silver plating to help create the foil tray. It has everything you’d expect in only the best TV dinners and you can pick up this pin for just $10.00.

Be sure to visit the Lucky Horse Press store for tons of other amazing enamel pins! Check back soon for our Black Friday deals list to see the latest deals on enamel pins.

TV Dinner Enamel Pin TV Dinner

Featured Pin – Puffy Shirt

We recently finished another viewing from one of our favorite comedy sitcoms of all time, Seinfeld. We took our time taking in all the classic jokes and discussing the shenanigans after each episode. Earlier this week, we discovered this seller and their amazing Puffy Shirt Enamel pin which had us rolling and instantly marked it to be one of our featured pins.

Puffy Shirt is a 1″ soft enamel pin with silver plating. It is single posted with only one off-white color enamel. It’s a great pin for anyone who is a fan of puffy shirts, Seinfeld or those who collect pins from their favorite shows (like us!). Puffy Shirt can be found from Smith Collective’s shop for just $8.00.

Be sure to visit Smith Collective’s shop to view more of their great pins. They have a good selection available and we’re sure you can find something for anyone.

Puffy Shirt Enamel Pin Puffy Shirt

Featured Pin – Ultra Violence

It’s only a couple of days away for the November 10th launch of Doom for Nintendo Switch. The recent nostalgia trip of Super Mario Odyssey has got us thinking back to the past again. We thought it would be fun to show some love for the game that many say was the most influential game ever made.

This is where the “Ultra Violence” Doom inspired enamel pin comes in! This pin will take you back to some original PC gaming and when the floppy disk reigned supreme. The Ultra Violence pin is on the smaller side and measures just .75″. It comes as a silver, hard enamel design and is single posted. It uses a white, red and black enamel fill for color and has that awesome floppy disk design we love. This pin will only set you back around $7.87 USD.

We hope to find more of these floppy disk enamel pins and maybe see a trend. If you know of one we don’t have listed, please tell us about it!

Be sure to visit Pin Game’s website for some other awesome gaming lapel pins.

Doom Enamel Pin Ultra Violence

Featured Pin – Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls

We’re featuring this awesome set of Day of the Dead Sugar Skull enamel pins to coincide with Dia de los Muertos.

These sugar skull enamel pins from Woah There Pickle are the perfect pair of his and her pins for anyone looking to celebrate their passed loved ones or those who enjoy the colorful festivities of Day of the Dead art.

Both of these pins are 1.18″ tall and feature a black nickel plating. Each pin is single posted with a rubber clutch and both faces glow in the dark. You can purchase the set for just $17.17 or individually for $9.61.

Visit and follow Woah There Pickle’s Etsy shop for some other great enamel pins!

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Enamel Pins Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls

Featured Pin – Shadowfell Deluxe Spinner

Stranger Things 2 is out this Friday and to celebrate we’re only adding Stranger Things enamel pins to the website for the next two days. We’re kicking it off with this Stranger Things pin from Arcadedaze for our featured pin of the week.

The Shadowfell Deluxe Spinner pin is the third variant in this series and also the final. No more of them will be made so this is the last chance you’ll have to pick one up.

Shadowfell Deluxe is a two-tiered enamel pin at 1.75″ and also glows in the dark. It has an antique copper plating and two posts. The background colors in this variant are muted and glow in the dark as a bright green and blue. The top tier of this pin with antique plating spins so you can change the upside-down as you please.

Don’t miss out on the last chance to one of the pins from this amazing series! You can pick up Shadowfell Deluxe for $22.00 from Arcadedaze. Be sure to visit their shop and follow Arcadedaze on Instagram to catch some of their other amazing pin releases you won’t want to miss!

Shadowfell Deluxe Spinner Enamel Pin Shadowfell Deluxe Spinner

Featured Pin – Jar of Eyeballs

This month is flying by and we’re already down to the last few weeks of the month. We’ve had our eyes (hah) on a few “In a Bottle” pins for the month and Jar of Eyeballs won out this week as it has recently returned to stock.

Jar of Eyeballs is a 1.14″ soft enamel pin with black dyed plating. It comes single posted and features 5 colors and also glows in the dark! It’s the perfect pin for the bottle pin collectors out there like us and would also go great with any monster or Halloween enamel pin collections. It can be yours for $9.25 from Rob Birchall’s shop “Object“.

Be sure to keep a lookout for new pin releases coming from this shop and be sure to follow thisisobject on Instagram.

Jar of Eyeballs Enamel Pin Jar of Eyeballs

Featured Pin – Halloween Pizza

This weeks featured pin comes from i.heart.avocado. Halloween and Pizza is a mashup I knew nothing about before seeing this pin. I was very pleased to see it a celebrated combination which makes this pin all the more awesome.

The Halloween Pizza Enamel Pin comes in at 1.5 inches tall with black plating. This is a soft enamel pin with what looks to be 8 different enamel colors. It comes with double rubber clutches and features a perfectly simple and straightforward (bright and gummy) bug and worm design. Pizza enamel pins are a category that leave their collectors with a wide selection of options and this Halloween inspired pizza pin shouldn’t be looked over!

As usual, please check out i.heart.avocado’s Etsy shop for several other amazing enamel pins (We also love that Avocado Pumpkin).

Halloween Pizza Enamel Pin Halloween Pizza

Featured Pin – Folk Art Inspired Pumpkin

I don’t know what it is about vintage Halloween props but that old-school art and design always comes with an extra dose of eerie. It makes vintage Halloween so mesmerizing to look at it. This combination plays perfectly with this Folk Art Inspired Pumpkin Hard Enamel Pin from Skulduggery Co.

Skulduggery’s 1.5” folk art pumpkin enamel pin has just the right amount of “Aww” and “Ahh!”. We love the artistic choices made with the use of black nickel plating as a hard enamel finish for its design.

This Folk Art Inspired Pumpkin Pin can be yours for just $9.00 from Skulduggery’s etsy shop. This pin comes as a two color design with dual posts. Don’t miss this if pumpkins or Halloween are your thing!

Folk Art Inspired Pumpkin Enamel Pin Folk Art Inspired Pumpkin

Featured Pin – Anything Is Possible

Our featured pin this week is quite the motivational one. We love the simple but powerful message it portrays incased in an artfully creative light bulb. The Anything Is Possible enamel pin is currently the only pin offering from JJ Arts but that doesn’t make it any less inspiring.

Anything Is Possible is a 1″ soft enamel pin. It comes with a single clutch and has 4 color options with slightly varying heights. Each go for $10.00. We absolutely love the lettering work and think it’s a must own for those who collect unique, motivational or lettering lapel pins.

Colors Available:

  • Black – Length: 1 in / 1.2mm thick
  • Gold – Length: 1 in / 1.2mm thick
  • Red – Length: 1.18 in / 1.2mm thick
  • Fuchsia – Length: 1.18 in / 1.2mm thick

Visit JJ Art’s online store to purchase and be sure to check out the original painting that lead to the creation of this pin.

Anything Is Possible Enamel Pin Anything Is Possible

Featured Pin – Meteor Bill

Netherway Workshop is recent pin maker and has hit the scene with some awesome pins this year. Their recent release was too cool to pass up for featured pin of the week!

Meteor Bill should be instantly recognizable to any Mario or Nintendo fan. Most of us have probably met our end more than a few times against a bullet bill and this pin helps us remember one of Mario’s awesome foes. We love the artistic abstract treatment to give him the look of being in motion. This pin is a great addition to the growing Nintendo inspired enamel pins out there!

Meteor Bill soft enamel pin comes in at a standard 1.25” length. Meteor Bill features 4 color fills and and comes with dual posts. This enamel pin is also a limited edition of 100 so don’t wait too long or you’ll miss out on this awesome take on the classic bullet bill. You can purchase currently for just $10.00.

Make sure to visit Netherway Workshop’s store and website to check out their other awesome pins! We expect more amazing work from them in the future and we’ll be on the lookout!

Meteor Bill Enamel Pin Meteor Bill

Featured Pin #30 – HAL 9000

We recently received our HAL 9000 from This Chepooka and swiftly added it our calendar to feature. Maybe you’re familiar with HAL 9000 and if not, that’s okay. We won’t hold it against you (maybe). For the sci-fi, movie and computer buffs out there, this lapel pin shouldn’t be missed.

The HAL 9000 enamel pin is by no means tiny and comes in at at 2″ tall and 1″ wide. This pin features double posts with a soft enamel and silver plating. HAL 9000’s unique feature is that it comes in either an LED light option or no LED. Both versions go for just $15.00 SGD ($11.13 USD). Although the LED version comes with some extra weight and depth with the small battery, it’s awesome, super bright and fun to show off in your collection. We love it so much, we’re going to end up ordering the regular version as well just to have the set.

Be sure to visit This Cheepoka’s shop for several other awesome pins (especially that Walking Dead Lucille pin!).

HAL 9000 Enamel Pin HAL 9000

Featured Pin #29 – Little Light

Today guardians celebrate the launch of Destiny 2 from Bungie. To join in on the fun, we’re featuring “Little Light” from Two Ghouls Press. These newly released Destiny ghost enamel pins mark the perfect featured pin(s) for D2 launch day.

Little Light comes as you might expect any Destiny item would; with a little RNG. There are a total of 6 variant ghost enamel pins (including an exotic unknown mystery variant) and an order will net you a randomly selected pin. For those who like stats, this rarity guide will help:

  • White – 1:4
  • Blue – 1:5
  • Pink – 1:5
  • Red – 1:6
  • Green – 1:10
  • Mystery – 1:10

Little Lights soft enamel pins are single posted, 1.25″ tall, come in various platings/colors and are currently going for $9.00 each.

So what are you waiting for? Order up one (or more) of these awesome Little Light lapel pins, check out Two Ghouls Shop and get back to mowing down some Cabal.

See you starside.

Destiny Ghost "Little Light" Enamel Pin Little Light

Featured Pin #28 – Deadly Axe

Halloween stuff has already started showing up everywhere so we thought we’d join in on the fun! We recently purchased up one of these Deadly Axe Pins from Two Ghouls Press and it’s so cool I had it set aside so that we could feature it one of these Wednesday’s.

Deadly Axe is a “The Shining” inspired pin. It combines a silhouette of Jacks’ axe from the iconic “Here’s Johnny!” scene. This together with the carpet pattern from the overlook hotel were joined together to make one awesome pin! Deadly Axe is a 2″ tall hard enamel pin that comes with dual posts and a very slight dome epoxy coating that sets this pin apart. It’s absolutely perfect for any Stephen King, Jack Nicholson, Stanely Kubrick or any horror film fan/collector.

Be sure to out Two Ghouls Press for a ton of other awesome horror and movie/tv show pins. They are sure to have something for everyone.

Deadly Axe Enamel Pin Deadly Axe

Featured Pin #27 – Fairy Bottle

These Legend of Zelda Fairy in a Bottle pins are our Featured pin of the week! It may be hard to believe but this only the second time we’ve marked a Zelda featured pin. The first one goes to the third pin we ever featured which was the super simple and clean Triforce Enamel pin from PinPinz.

These Fairy in a Bottle hard enamel pins are something special and have some insane details that you can’t help but love. These are not small pins and come in at 2″ tall with double posts for $10.00. This run has some small flaws and are listed as B-Grade so check out the listing for details (don’t hesitate to purchase). If the beautiful artwork and design isn’t enough to sell you then maybe one of the three variants might change your mind.

Color Variants:

  • Blonde Hair
  • Pink Hair
  • Blonde Hair

Be sure to check out DudBats Etsy shop for some other awesome pins including a super cool 8-bit Sleeping Kirby pin variants you don’t want to miss.

Zelda Fairy in a Bottle Enamel Pin Fairy Bottle
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